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Chimaeron Empty Chimaeron

Post by Quelmiran on August 24th 2012, 6:41 am

So about the Chimaeron battle.
The info below are for the dps and healers.

This little robot applies a buff that makes all survive his attacks and leave us with 1% HP as long as we have above 10k HP.
The reason we were dying yesterday is because Chimerion sometimes hits this little robot, it shuts down and the buff fades. Then we are 1 hit.

He has 2 basic abilities for the Massacre which is the AoE damage that brings the whole raid to 1% and also 1 more called Caustic Slime. This one is a bit tricky.
Caustic Slime damage is destributed among the players the spell hits. So if it hit 2 then each will get half the damage of what the spell would have done to 1 alone. This is the tricky part.
When the little robot is alive we spread up. You have the buff so the damage of the slime cannot kill you if you have +10k HP. But when the little robot is down then we gather up. So that the slime damage will be destributed among everyone and none will die.

So for the DPS and healers this fight is like this.

  • Everyone must have above 10k HP
  • If the little robot is up and you have the Finkle's Mixture buff everyone spread.
  • If the little robot is down everyone gather up.

When the boss reaches 20% all the heals gets blocked and everyone even the healers have to dps. It's a burn down phase. So Tanks must survive on their own and dps and heals should pop everything to burn him fast.

Our mistake yesterday was that we didn't gather up when the little robot was down so the Caustic Slime was killing us 1 by 1.

Hunters GO GO!!!
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Chimaeron Empty Re: Chimaeron

Post by Zetsu on August 25th 2012, 10:54 am

so you guys defeated magmaw alrdy?

Just saw that you did, its fanstastic to see you guys finnaly managed to kill that fucker magmaw Smile Il be back from vacation, like tomorrow or the day before that .

Have you guys tried omnitron defense system yet? Or you went for chimaeron first?

Gosh cant wait to be back Razz


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