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Official Guild Rules (Updated 09/12/2010)

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Official Guild Rules (Updated 09/12/2010) Empty Official Guild Rules (Updated 09/12/2010)

Post by Inno on July 28th 2009, 5:02 pm

UPDATED!! (28/06/2011)

The rules in a nutshell (12/29/09)
In a nutshell....

We're sick and tired of being baby sitters to the guild... Our guild objective is to become THE best pve guild on this server... NOT one of the best
Effective immedietly the punishments will be more severe and will probably result in being kicked from the guild if you fall under any of these categories:

1. Pissing off the council (pretty self explanitory)
2. Being an asshole to other guildys
3. Acting like a child
4. Being lazy in raids
5. AFK'ing in raids without notifying the leader and leader responding
6. Not following guild/loot rules
7. Not listening to the leader of raids
8. Giving us a bad name in pug raids
9. Not healing/dpsing/tanking like you should with the gear you have and not asking for help of what your doing wrong
10. Stealing from guild bank or being a waste of space in the guild
11 Writing to guild chat with caps on
12 Multi-guilding, being in different guilds with alts while your main is in ECA
English in gchat and Vent ONLY!
If you would like to speak to your friend in a different language, whisper him in game or go into a different channel in Vent but English only in Lobby!

Leaving the guild
If you leave the guild with any alts or with your main character your gone for good... Period

Loot Rules! (Updated 12/29/09)
There hasn't been anything in writing about this so I'm adding it now... Need your PRIMARY SPEC only... Greed your offspec! Pick off the body for disenchant... Now if you are fully geared with your main spec... THEN you can roll need on your offspec... Also being considerate for example, a guild tank that is ALWAYS doing raids shouldn't have to roll for 1 piece that he needs against 3 or 4 other wannabe someday tanks... Faster a guild tank gets fully geared the faster we ALL get loot easier... The council will administrate this on a case by case basis... Also the council is exempt from loot rules (that doesn't mean they can go ninja everything) but what it does mean is since the council runs this guild/leads most of the graids, it is in everyone's best interest that they can alter their character's spec due to certain raid situations.. (Ex... We have plenty of dps and heals but need an OT, Inno's warrior which is normally dps can OT if needed). Rolling on a item you should not have will result in either a temp raid ban or a guild demote/kick. If you're not sure about rolling any item, ask an officer / raid leader / raid assistant BEFORE starting the fight. Lastly, since we have SOO many fully geared characters and they are obviously the best to have in raids... 1 alt is allowed to be offline to come online for loot time as long as you ONLY loot with that alt.. In order for this work if its set to need before greed DO NOT LOOT the body once he's dead... Once all the alt's are logged in the leader will loot the body... If its set to master loot the leader will wait till all alts are logged in before he starts letting people roll on loot.

Alt Rolling (Updated 09.12.2010)
This has been one of the main problem's since Ulduar opened on the server people bitching and QQing about who win's what. When Toc open's with loot and any other new instance there will be NO alt rolling.
We have made the choice of allowing Alt rolling in Naxx, Os, and Ulduar to help you gear up abit more but from now on any new raids that open Alt rolling will be banned from all new raids.

If you suck your gone (Updated 12/29/09)
Its nothing personal but if the council doesn't think your fitting in or your not performing well enough to our standards you will be kicked out of the guild and good luck with your wow life.

Fighting... NERD RAAAAAGE!!!!
Members fighting with other members happens, but keep it between yourselves, dont shout it out on gchat for everyone to hear. If you need help with the dispute or if its getting out of hand inform the council. This doesn't necessarily mean you will be in trouble but the council will decide if action is necessary.

No excessive swearing, or Vulgar language. LOL! NOT!
Swear and cuss all you want... There's a big difference between messing around and being outright an asshole to someone... BIG difference... And be considerate if someone doesn't want to hear something then chill out and don't say it... When it comes to racism, keep it to a whisper... Not everyone aggrees or wants to hear your racist comments.

Don't be a cock and require money in Guild for services and items!!!
If you want to give enchants you could ask for mats. And if mail items for disenchant to the guild enchanters and so on. You guys get the idea. Were here to help each other, not to make a profit off each other. This of course is helpful if your looking to be promoted in guild.

Do not harass other guildies.
Do not bother people for their e-mails, phone numbers, pictures any other form of personal information which they are not willing to share. If you want to get in a raid, ask nicely. If they say they cant fit you in or they say no. Do not bother them for it! If you need items/enchants etc. dont beg. Pretty much DONT BOTHER THE GUILDYS! Just ask nicely.

No Exploiting/Cheating!
Pretty self explanitory. We're better than that

Respect other people. Well.... somewhat Smile
Don't only be nice to members inside the guild, try to be nice to other players. We do have friends out there and alliances. So try to be nice. Of course there are people out there that deserve to be kicked in the face. In that situation tell them to suck one.

If members are bothering you, contact the council.
If a member ninja's, or bothers you. Do not hesitate to contact the council, you can ask them to not mention your name, but they will punish anyone who is bothering other members of the guild. If there is no council member online screenshot will be required to report harassement.

If you can not get into a raid, then try and pug.
We arent the only people on this server who can create a raid, if you cant attend a raid because you are either on a raid ban, or the raid is full. Then find something else. Dont annoy the leader and constantly ask for a invite. It may result in ignore, raid ban or demote.

Do not leave the raid before it is over.
If the raid is not finished, do not leave because it is taking too long, or you have already gotten the item you need, or found another raid. If you need to leave, then tell the leader or a council member, constant leaving in the middle of raids without a proper reason may result in a raid ban.

Follow Orders!
In a raid, follow the raid leaders orders, if they are in the guild or not. They have every right to kick you from the raid or request for you to be raid banned if you are not doing what you are supposed to. Remember that raid leaders, raid assistants and council members are experienced players, so follow their orders.

Do not beg for Gold/Items/Promotions
Do not bother people for gold or items, the guild bank is there for you to get what you need if you are member or above status. Do not beg for promotions. You are at the rank you have earned, annoying the council for a promotion wont speed up the process in fact it will slow it down for you. Respect everyones rank, and follow the rules listed and you wont need to ask for promotions.

1st offense of anything is temp raid ban. This is somewhat circumstancial though. The council will decide what is appropriate. We know mistakes happen. The temporary raid ban can range between a couple days to a couple weeks. The typical ban is 1 week from offense.
2nd offense is guild demotion and temp raid ban. However if you are a peon... Your outta the guild.
3rd offense your gone... period

Rank does influence the punishment however, the council will decide what is appropriate.

If there is an issue with a certain council member bring it to another council member via whisper. That council member will decide if a vote is required from the council for him to be removed from the seat.

All major guild matters are determined via a vote of the council. If you feel a council member has treated you unfairly please report him/her to the rest of the council. Also if you have ideas to improve the guild ask a council member.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the council.

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Official Guild Rules (Updated 09/12/2010) Mynewsig3

Official Guild Rules (Updated 09/12/2010) Qphwzr

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