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Register with a name of your in-game character.
Read the guild rules, enjoy and have fun!

You can create an application as a registered member only, if you get approved then you will be promoted to guild member!

To make a guild application, make a topic HERE
Before Applying, read the application format listed HERE
Also, read the GUILD/FORUM rules that are HERE

Here is how your application is Accepted / Declined

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Here is how your application is Accepted / Declined

Post by Kookaburra on July 26th 2010, 6:25 pm

We follow a simple Vouch / Unvouch system as given below:

The rules are as follows:

Every officer that reads an application votes with a vouch-minus , vouch , vouch-plus

OR undecided OR unvouch-plus, unvouch or unvouch-minus.

These are the 7 levels of voting.

The application is given points based on each vote:

unvouch-minus gets a -3

unvouch gets a -2

unvouch-plus gets a -1

undecided gets a 0

vouch-minus gets a +1

vouch gets a +2

vouch-plus gets a +3

As you can see, the better the vote u get, more the points u recieve.

The voting ends when either 4 officers have voted OR 4 days after the application has been posted.

The applicants are allowed to BUMP their application ONCE PER DAY.

At the end of voting, if the application has a > 0 count, then it gets accepted , if < 0 it gets declined.

If however, the count is at 0, then we officers get 1 day extension to review our votes. If we still remain unchanged then you get declined.

Members from the rank of Kingpin onwards can vote on an application, but only a council / high council can accept or decline it.

Good luck.

Quick Links:

How to Apply

Status of Open/Full Classes

How to post talents

How to post Screenshots



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