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Please, if you want to make a guild application,
Register with a name of your in-game character.
Read the guild rules, enjoy and have fun!

You can create an application as a registered member only, if you get approved then you will be promoted to guild member!

To make a guild application, make a topic HERE
Before Applying, read the application format listed HERE
Also, read the GUILD/FORUM rules that are HERE

Status of Open Classes. Check this before applying!

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Status of Open Classes. Check this before applying!

Post by Kookaburra on July 26th 2010, 2:15 pm

The following list shows which Classes we are full on and on which we are open for applications.

If you wish to apply for a class on which we are full, i warn you that your application will not be considered unless it is extra-ordinary. Mind you, we are talking about the application being extra-ordinary, not the gear. Ne1 can gear up if they have access to good raids or they simply have a lot of time. If you want us to consider your application for a FULL class then you better put some effort into it.

Death Knights (47) : OPEN

Druids (50) : FULL

Hunters (49) : OPEN

Shaman (53) : FULL

Priest (45) : OPEN

Paladin (59) : FULL

Rogue (35) : OPEN

Warrior (54) : FULL

Warlock (41) : OPEN

Mage (46) : OPEN

All the Best.

Quick Links:

How to Apply

How to post talents

How to post Screenshots

Vouch/Unvouch system



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