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How to post Screenshots.

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How to post Screenshots.

Post by Kookaburra on July 22nd 2010, 5:53 am

Since many of the applicants complain they cannot view their screenshots or in short, cannot post the links,(can't imagine why, btw), heres a simple guide:
Just a reminder. You have to be registered in our forum to use this guide.
Guest accounts will have to post the forum link from the image hosting site and not the direct link.

Step 1: Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard with the relevant display on your screen.

Step 2: Go to Paint brush and press Ctrl+V or Edit/Paste to paste the screenshot. (Easier than searching for it in your screenshot folder).

Step 3:Save the picture as a Jpeg file anywhere on your PC.

Step 4:Go to imageshack.com or any other site that offers uploading of data.

Step 5: Make yourself an ID there by registering (its free).

Step 6: Once you are registered and logged on, find a link which says "upload images".

Step 7: It will allow you to browse through ur PC to find the pic that you just saved. Select it and upload.

Step 8: Once uploaded, click the thumbnail size version of it to enlarge it. Then right click it and press "view image"

Step 9: Now you should be viewing the image on full screen size. Copy the address of that page.

Step 10: Come to the page where u need to post the image. Type and paste the address that you just copied in place of the "LINK".

Step 11: Wait, your done.

Ok, i know this guide is SO simple. Who wouldn't already know this? If u browsed the applications we get, you would be surprised.

Neways, hope this solves your problem if you had one while posting screenshots. Happy applying.

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