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Jackraven application

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Jackraven application

Post by JackRaven on August 30th 2011, 10:06 am

1. What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Dragos and i'm from Romania.

2. What is your age and gender?
23 male

3. Tell us something about yourself in brief.
I'm a nice guy with ppl who are nice with me.

4. How did you hear about us?
it's har not to hear about you...friends...

5. What is your current guild and why are you leaving?
Guild broke down and i love playing with a lot of ppl.

6. What do you, as a player, bring to our guild?
well i'm sure you have everything you need but i like being with a team... actually i'd like to be like a soldier in an army tongue
i bring a good geared player 6.2k gs,horde killer 35k lifetimekills,achievment whore 5.5k achiev points,and maxed proffessions player (cooking,fishing,LW,skinning)

7. How long have you been playing WoW?
ever since hightschool...played on scape gaming since burning crusade...now here...like 5 years

8. According to you what aspect of your class do you need to focus the most upon at the moment?
i'm a hunter sooooo healing >_>...........dps ofc dps...i want top be in top 3 in a 25 raid in your top guild dammit >_<

9. Are you OK with the idea that you have a 2 week trial period and if you don't prove yourself to be of value to the guild you will be kicked?
is it debatable? if you dont like me it's ok...i wont kill myself

10. Do you lead successful raids? Are you able to follow orders without arguing?
lead raids no..but i'm excellent at fallowing orders Very Happy

11. What time of day do you play mainly? What is your timezone? (Magic-WoW server time is currently GMT+2.)
in the evening...i live in romania so like sv time is good for me

12. Do you have reliable PC? Is your Internet connection stable?
yes...i rarely have lag

13. What kind of important add-ons are you using currently?

14. Do you have ventrilo installed on your computer? Are you comfortable with using it? (will be required for graids)
i can have it installed to hear you guys but i dont have a mic yet

15. Have you read, understood, and agree with the guild rules?

16. If a player is annoying you repeatedly asking for something, what is your course of action?
i help if i can

17. If you get into a fight with a player from the guild, what will you do:
if :

(A) The person is superior to you in rank:

(B) The person is inferior to you in rank:
(a) i shut up
(b) i ask someone of higher rank for his opinion...if i'm wrong i shut up

1. Your character name, race, class, and talent points distribution?


2. What is your character's time played? (type /played in-game)
80 days 7 hours

3. What you can do
i'm rpds i took this in icc 10man HM...i can do better but i have to be in 25 mode
i dont know what to tell you...i think i'm a good player...not the best but i'm good


4. Are you willing to respec for the good of the raid? This includes fine-tuning your spec as well as changing your spec to different role, if necessary.
i wouldnt like it but i dont think this is the issue cuz i'm a hunter

5.What are your professions on this character and why did you choose them for this particular character?
leatherworking and skinning maxed....i'm a hunter and i like the crit bonus and drum buffs

6. What do you need the most? (Gold, certain items from instances, or are you fully geared and just looking for fun).
i want to raid cuz i like raiding and get items ofc to get better


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Re: Jackraven application

Post by supfresh on August 30th 2011, 5:08 pm

provide us with a screenshot of dmg and dps done on a heroic training dummy with only self buffs..gotta be at least 1million dmg

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Re: Jackraven application

Post by JackRaven on August 31st 2011, 2:37 am

ok here it is -.-


i'd like to mention a few things
1.i only have my own hunter buffs
2.i cant use kill shot one of the signature shots of the hunter and big dmg dealer
3.i burn mana really fast so i had to keep viper aspect a bit which does half the dmg with all shots
4.i didnt get in time for my second cycle of rapid killing cuz i was already at 1M...rotation is rapid fire -> readiness -> then shots and at 2nd cycle i was at 1M

5. dammit i should have used my drum buffs too but i forgot ~______~"

P.S.omg i hate this form of dps...take me in a raid and see my worth...hunters have many advantages on the field not at the dummy ~_~ i can do better...i know i can...here's the bottom line...i can do 6k at lord and i maxed 9k at deathbringer 25

God it's like applying for a job X__X


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Re: Jackraven application

Post by Papirzsepi on August 31st 2011, 7:55 am

5. What is your current guild and why are you leaving?
Guild broke down and i love playing with a lot of ppl.
Did you mention your current guild here?

God it's like applying for a job X__X
Nope, it's worse:P

Overall opinion... 9k dps at DB isnt impressive AT ALL. But I see you want in and you are willing to make efforts to stay in... I say vouch

"Where do you begin? Perfect is a good place to start. We must always focus on improving things that are already perfect."

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Re: Jackraven application

Post by JackRaven on August 31st 2011, 11:55 am

my guild was prophets and more of the guys got into eca


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Re: Jackraven application

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