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Juggernaut app

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Juggernaut app Empty Juggernaut app

Post by Completely Incomplete on August 29th 2011, 7:34 pm

1. What is your name and where are you from?
Daniel; I'm from Latvia

2. What is your age and gender?
20 male

3. Tell us something about yourself in brief.
I'm pretty much human with 2 arms and 2 legs, got a minor brain dysfunction, lowered reflexes, some parts of personality are missing, a black hole in a bottomless stomach, but aside that... everything is pretty common.

4. How did you hear about us?
Honestly, i didn't and until i got to your website i never even imagined that this guild is this serious, just left my guild and first familiar guild name i saw was eca, so why not give it a try..

5. What is your current guild and why are you leaving?
already left it, why? it was my favourite guild but you know how it happens sometimes.... the guild is just dying, most of people i knew and loved to chat with nether left or stopped playing, so lately there is max 2-3 people online and mostly those i don't know much, so no graids, no chat, no fun anymore. Sad but i gotta move on.

6. What do you, as a player, bring to our guild?
Well of course mental and physical support more or less... I'm ready to help with pretty much anything i can.

7. How long have you been playing WoW?
i don't really know, about 5 years or so

8. According to you what aspect of your class do you need to focus the most upon at the moment?
umm i don't know, as far as I'm concerned i am not that bad with all warrior specs. But i always like to get some tips at this or that.

9. Are you OK with the idea that you have a 2 week trial period and if you don't prove yourself to be of value to the guild you will be kicked?
well i guess i am, that's pretty much reasonable

10. Do you lead successful raids? Are you able to follow orders without arguing?
I have led many successful raids at naxx time's but now i gave up leading any raids, mostly because i don't like to bare such responsibility anymore. Yes i can follow orders perfectly... if, of course, they are not too insane Smile

11. What time of day do you play mainly? What is your timezone? (Magic-WoW server time is currently GMT+2.)
can't say average time, i come online pretty randomly but mostly at 14:00 - 18:00 or something like that, but that's average, i can be online whole day pretty often. my time zone is +2 same as server

12. Do you have reliable PC? Is your Internet connection stable?
yes i have Mac OS X, pretty much reliable, connection is stable aswell

13. What kind of important add-ons are you using currently?
none, only visual x-perl frame addon

14. Do you have ventrilo installed on your computer? Are you comfortable with using it? (will be required for graids)
yes i got it installed, I'm comfortable as long as i don't need to speak much Razz

15. Have you read, understood, and agree with the guild rules?
yes... yes i have, if i wouldn't agree, i wouldn't be making this application, now would i Smile

16. If a player is annoying you repeatedly asking for something, what is your course of action?
only thing i can, report him to an officer, just ignoring would be rude and arguing wouldn't make it any better.

17. If you get into a fight with a player from the guild, what will you do:
if :

(A) The person is superior to you in rank:

(B) The person is inferior to you in rank:
Regardless of the rank i will try to stop this fight as soon as possible, secondly i would do it so we wouldn't become enemies or something like that, and third i rather not get in any sort of fight in the first place.

1. Your character name, race, class, and talent points distribution?
Juggernaut; Human; Warrior; Main: Protection; Off: Arms(pvp)

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior#vg-_jvaRRaJZ,,12213 tank (main)
http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior#kvMWP2tsVBrhdx,,12213 pvp arms (off spec)
http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior#BnAfJlV9x7OBA1,,12213 how i would be talented as fury PVE, dps

2. What is your character's time played? (type /played in-game)

3. What you can do
C: If you are a tank: are you defense capped? What are you other tank stats: armor, dodge, parry, block? How much HP self-buffed do you have?
http://i55.tinypic.com/28chxm0.jpg and 40981 HP self-buffed.

4. Are you willing to respec for the good of the raid? This includes fine-tuning your spec as well as changing your spec to different role, if necessary.
as soon as i get PVE dps gear of course I'm willing to change how ever needed.

5.What are your professions on this character and why did you choose them for this particular character?
http://tinypic.com/r/cp847/7 Jewelcrafting
http://tinypic.com/r/2czbpkj/7 Mining
cause i think they are best for warrior tank... jewelcrafting has some decent gems, and i can make gems as soon as possible after getting new item or changing them, mining cause of HP and material farming as for me as for guild.

6. What do you need the most? (Gold, certain items from instances, or are you fully geared and just looking for fun).
i can get gold if needed myself, items? of course i would like some better items, priority goes for my low lvl shield and gloves at the moment, and of course also for fun...

Thank you for your time.
Completely Incomplete
Completely Incomplete

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Juggernaut app Empty Re: Juggernaut app

Post by Papirzsepi on August 31st 2011, 7:45 am

Your gear is not satisfactory, you are definitely not ready for icc hc raids. Feel free to apply again when you can tank icc. Declined.

"Where do you begin? Perfect is a good place to start. We must always focus on improving things that are already perfect."
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