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You can create an application as a registered member only, if you get approved then you will be promoted to guild member!

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List of Officers

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List of Officers Empty List of Officers

Post by Kookaburra on September 4th 2010, 3:10 am

High Councils:

Mike: Innocentbe, Chaosjizz, Goatcream.

Dave: Bettyjugs, Yourxwife.

Amy/Dave: Shammwow

Dano: Sweetlips, Gingerlover.

Cookies: Mitochondria, Funhooves. (Currently inactive)

Marna: Marna.

Ron: Xeme , Xems, Xemey, Xemo, Xemotic, Xemz, Ximie.

Ade: Adelil.


Shepiwot: Shepiwot (Currently inactive)

TJ: Rosscop (Currently inactive)

Kook: Kookaburra, Kookadin, Kooksanctify, Kookshammy (Currently Inactive In-game)

Papi: Papilol, Nerfme,

Wull: Minagi, Amysweet, Grumpywully, Voodoopriest, Wullygotagun

Supfresh: Smoothie, Smooty, Dily, Supz

Quel: Quelmiran

Kit: Kit, Kitlol.

Astaa: Astaa.

BD: Bdevilbruno, Starcaller, Pwnisher, Bdlol.

Shane: Phuku, Urbabysdaddy.

Themailman: Themailman

Note: Officers feel free to edit the post to add names of any more alts of yourselves if u wish. I added the ones you guys are most active on.

Last edited by Quelmiran on August 13th 2011, 3:53 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added Themailman to the list)

List of Officers 12746410
List of Officers Counciln2

List of Officers Epicroll

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